Isemaren's mission is to accelerate a quality energy transition via creativity and initiative, accompanying our clients on their journey towards effective and profitable digital growth.


We want to demonstrate that being technologists is not incompatible with being human, that quality can be delivered quickly and does not have to be expensive, that being close to the client means that we both grow. The foundation of this vision is having a trusted and happy team. We aim to be profitable in renewable energies while being coherent with the sector's principles.

Values. We believe in:
• our team
• a professional and warm service
• the highest quality and quick turnaround
• teamwork
• ethical conduct
• a client focus
• innovation
• a results focus
• health and safety
• respect for the environment
• environmental commitment
• trust
• legal compliance
• continual improvement
• sustainable development goals
• stakeholder satisfaction
• continuing professional development
• industry 4.0


Enrique Calvo López

Partner and R&D&I Director

Marcos Calvo López

Partner and Director of Technical Solutions

Daniel Hernánz Chiloeches

Partner and Sustainability and Environment Director

Helena Fernández Castro

Partner and Strategic Consultancy Director

Carolina Álvarez Aláez

Partner and Operations Manager

Juan Pedro Conejo Sánchez

Head of Promotion

Arantxa Pérez Serrano

Project Manager

Ariadna San Martin Bringas

Maintenance Manager

Norberto Rodríguez González

Head of Human Resources

Laura Fernández Palacio

SCADA Manager

Tomás Laso Castaño


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