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About us

Isemaren Energy Solutions accompanies you in all phases of your project, from development to asset management, to make it more profitable thanks to the experience accumulated by a team of professionals with trajectory and capable of providing all kinds of solutions.

Mission, vision and values

In Isemaren Energy Solutions we are participants in the efficient and profitable growth of the sustainable energy sector.

We believe in the professional development and technological evolution of the energy installations sector for building a relationship of trust with our customers.
We are a responsible, efficient, innovative and competitive company that offers services of great value and quality, based on a detailed technical and economic knowledge.

Vision. Who we want to be

We want to grow with our customers and be leaders in the design, consulting, engineering and management of energy facilities. Our maxim is to offer work of the highest quality and which is also innovative, thus achieving complete trust and loyalty from our customers. We want to export our work methodology and lessons learned in the photovoltaic energy sector to other generation plants, all based on customer needs and operational excellence.

This is made possible thanks to the work of our employees, who we take care of by offering all the training resources and conciliation measures within our reach for their development and the promotion of equal opportunities.

Values. What we believe in

  • Our employees
  • Professional service
  • The highest quality
  • Teamwork
  • Ethical conduct
  • Customer focus
  • Innovation
  • Results focus
  • Health and safety
  • Respect for the environment
  • Environmental commitment
  • Trust
  • Compliance with the law
  • Continuous improvement
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Stakeholder satisfaction

An experienced team with a global vision of the sector

Enrique Calvo Founder / Chief Executive Officer See biography
Enrique Calvo

Senior Industrial Engineer from the Carlos III University with expertise in renewable energy. Over 10 years of initiating and managing photovoltaic projects in over 12 countries, with a total of over 3 GW in projects worldwide. Extensive knowledge of PVsyst, pvDesign, Solar GIS, Autocad, WASP and Palisade@Risk. His projects include the adaptation of photovoltaic plants to Spanish legislation and the configuration and installation of CMMS maintenance software in South Africa and Guatemala. He is a director at Isemaren and leads both management and technical solutions projects.

Carolina Álvarez Partner / Consultancy Director See biography
Carolina Álvarez

Partner and head of the management and advisory area at Isemaren. Senior Industrial Engineer from the European University of Madrid, Master’s in Renewable Energies and the Energy Market at EOI and Master’s in Business and Finance from the Centro de Estudios Garrigues. Expert in the identification and mitigation of technical, economic and regulatory risks, analysis and valuation of investments (CAPEX, income and OPEX) in renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind and mini-hydraulic) and asset management. Specialist in supervision and advice at any stage of a project, from the search and analysis of the opportunity, feasibility, development, construction, commissioning, operation and management of the asset. Highly-trained in the negotiation and drafting of clauses and technical protocols of EPC, O&M, SPA and PPA contracts. Over 15 years of experience in the energy sector. She has participated in different roles in worldwide projects with a total of over 2.5 GW of power.

Daniel Hernanz Partner / Technical Director See biography
Daniel Hernanz

Telecommunications engineer, communications expert and SW/electronics. He has over 20 years of international experience in the development of technical projects, and over 10 years’ experience in the specification, design, validation and maintenance of electronic control and power equipment for different industrial sectors including photovoltaic, with particular emphasis on the field of the repair and improvement of photovoltaic inverters. Among his skills and abilities, the following tools and programmes are of note: C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, Altium/Cadence/Xilinx, Matlab, Verilog, VHDL, Ignition (SCADA)/PowerBI, Linux/Embedded, Routing/VPN/QoS/IPSec and Agile Scrum (Jira). As head of development and maintenance of SCADA/BI systems for Photovoltaic Solar Plants, he has directed 23 national and international projects of over 450MW. He is the director of the Technical Solutions department at Isemaren.

Juan Pedro Conejo Sánchez Partner / Chief Technical Officer See biography
Juan Pedro Conejo Sánchez

Industrial Engineer and Master's in Technology and Energy Resources from the Rey Juan Carlos University with over 10 years of experience. He has an in-depth knowledge of the design and evaluation of photovoltaic plants, especially in construction, commissioning and SCADA monitoring systems, particularly in the photovoltaic sector. He has extensive knowledge of PVsyst, pvDesing, Helioscope, SolarGIS, Autocad, Autocad 3d, Wasp, Ignition and Etap. Throughout his extensive experience in renewable projects in European and South American countries, he has evaluated and analysed over 2GW of photovoltaic projects and is notable for the supervision of photovoltaic inverter repair projects. He leads the technical areas at Isemaren.

Marcos Calvo Founder / R&D Director See biography
Marcos Calvo

Industrial Engineer with over 10 years of experience. Expert in developing hardware and software solutions for repairs in photovoltaic inverters. Development in the analysis of efficiency, harmonic distortion, starting curves, thermal studies and repair of Siemens, ABB, Gamesa, Atersa, Solarmax and GPTech inverters from 100 - 500kw. Search for solutions through the redesign of electronic cards, resizing of electrical switchgear and electrical panels, resolution of communications issues and design and manufacturing of different Testbenches for the testing and repair of electronic cards and power devices. CIS certificate from the IPC 610 E and IPC 2220/1/2 standards for electronic quality and manufacturing electronics. Specialist in the management of Autocad, Altium, ELCAD, PSim, PExpert, ISE Xilinx, C++ and Codesys. He directs the Hardware, testing and R&D department at Isemaren.

Arantxa Pérez Serrano Consultancy Manager See biography
Arantxa Pérez Serrano

Project Promotion and Development Manager/Consultancy Manager at Isemaren with 5 years’ experience in renewables. Mechanical Engineer from the University of Castilla la Mancha with a Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention from the Francisco de Vitoria University. Expert in the identification, negotiation, development and engineering of photovoltaic projects (CAPEX and OPEX), processing and negotiation of electrical interconnections, as well as everything related to legislation of photovoltaic projects. Extensive knowledge of the analysis of Industrial Risks in Chemical and Petroleum Plants: Haz-Op Method. Fluency in handling Matlab, MicroStation, SolidWorks, Office 365. She has studied the characteristics of Hydraulic Machines in depth and has participated, with different roles, in projects for a total of over 1GW of power in developments worldwide.

Norberto Rodríguez O&M Manager See biography
Norberto Rodríguez

O&M Manager at Isemaren with over 8 years’ experience. Industrial Engineer (Mechanic) from the University of León, Master's Degree in Renewable Energies also from the University of León and Technical Master’s in Occupational Risk Prevention in Labour Risk Prevention. Expert in Operations and Maintenance of photovoltaic assets, specialist in configuration, installation and technical support of GMAOs in Europe, Central America and Africa. He has outstanding command and knowledge of MP, MCP, MPred., TPM, MTBF, MTTR, warehouse management, GMAOs, Lean Manufacturing, PPS, AMFE, 8D, 5Whys, Ishikawa, 5S, PRL, AutoCAD, Cype. He has participated in projects for a total of over 145 MW of power in developments worldwide.

Tomás Laso Software Solutions Manager See biography
Tomás Laso

Software Solutions Manager at Isemaren with over 10 years’ experience. Industrial Technical Engineer specialising in Electricity at the EUP in Valladolid and Higher Training Cycle in Electro-technical Installations. Technical expert in communications, industrial automation and regulation, as well as process control with in-depth knowledge of the implementation of SCADA in photovoltaic solar parks. His main skills and knowledge include: Micromaster, Sinamics V20, V90, G120/130/150, Sinamics S110/120, Microwin programming and Step 7, (LOGO!, S7-200, S7-300/400), TIA-Portal (S7-1200/1500), SCADAS-HMI programming, Eplan, TIA portal, PL7, Ignition, El-CAD and Photoshop. He has participated in projects over 200 MW in photovoltaic and wind developments.

Helena Fernández Castro Sustainable and Climate Change Manager See biography
Helena Fernández Castro

Specialist in Rural Development Policies, Evaluation of Agro-Environmental and Forestry Measures from the University of Castilla la Mancha and Bachelor of Environmental Science from the same university. Expert in climate change, organic farming and environmental impacts. She has published studies in scientific journals and has taught at the UCLM. She is very knowledgeable about climate change policy due to having worked for over 7 years at the Climate Change Office of Castilla-La Mancha. As a consultant, she has participated in a wide range of low-carbon economy projects, calculation and certification of carbon footprint, and in the development of strategies in the field of sustainability for companies and administrations. Among her main skills and knowledge are specific computer programmes for the study of environmental systems such as Vensim, geographical information systems (IDRISI, CartaLinx, ArcView); statistical packages SPSS, STATISTICA and SigmaPlot and management of MATLAB and Fortran modelling programmes.

Paloma Rodríguez Soler Consultancy Manager See biography
Paloma Rodríguez Soler

Consultancy Manager at Isemaren with 7 years’ experience. Industrial engineer specialised in management from the European University of Madrid, Agricultural Engineer from the University of Almería and Master’s in Renewable Energies from the European University of Madrid. Specialist in energy storage in the electrical sector, equipment management, project management and entrepreneurship. Has a notable command of programmes such as Origins, Office 365, Ansys, Autocad and database design.

Ariadna San Martín Bringas Asset Management Manager See biography
Ariadna San Martín Bringas

Asset Management Manager at Isemaren with 7 years’ experience. Industrial Technical Engineer in Electricity from the University of Oviedo, Master’s in Renewable Energies and Environment from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Specialist in Rehabilitation and Certification of Buildings from the University of Alcalá, Technician in Creation, Management and Certification of Projects and Systems I+D+i. Expert in monitoring and supervision of facilities, high capacity to work EPC, O&M, Due Diligence and coordination of equipment in the plant. Her knowledge and skills include the use of Microsoft Office, Lider-Calener PRESTO, MatLab, PVGis, SAM, Autocad, RETScreen, WAsP, CE3X, C ++, CE marking, RoHs & Reach.

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