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Asset management

Asset Management is a set of services that can be combined under the umbrella of O&M services, with the joint aim of offering an integral service to the owners of the generating installations and, in short, helping them to carry out their business in an optimal, technical and financial manner.

Asset Management is the broadest term, which can include everything from the operational level to the financial and investment level, while traditionally, O&M has historically been more with its feet on the ground, doing preventive and corrective maintenance work in a technical way.

The objectives of the management and technical direction of photovoltaic assets are:

Optimum performance offer

  • Continuous monitoring of the state of the Plants monitoring the alarms and their operation.
  • Instant resolution of incidents. Incidents are notified and reviewed in real time, which speeds them up and minimises their resolution time.
  • Daily monitoring (in real time) of the operation and maintenance work.
  • Absolute control of compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Permanent solution to problems.
  • In addition to solving and studying incidents in the office, ability to repair and solve problems in the field.

Technical assistance

  • Deep knowledge of the technology, the sector and the Spanish regulations.
  • Expert managers in maintenance engineering design ad-hoc plans and manuals for each plant.
  • Property engineering and management and supervision of improvement works to be carried out in the plants.
  • Technical assistance in the plant.
  • Technical support to the maintenance contractor. Maintenance engineering.
  • Status audits and subsequent action plans and budget for resolution.
  • Management of improvement or conditioning work.
  • Tailor-made reporting: total knowledge.

Minimising costs

Optimisation of operational contracts.
Preparation of specifications.
Review and comparison of offers.
Contracts negotiation.
Training, feedback and continuous improvement.

Operational contract management:

  • Management of the relationship with the network operator.
  • Management of the relationship with the Electric Market Agent and the Control Centre.
  • Management of the relationship with Public Authorities: municipal, regional and central.
  • Management of the existing insurance framework.

Minimising risks

Certain occasions, such as procedures with the administration, claims for compensation of guarantees or parts to the insurance, require specific documents made by expert personnel. The Manager writes, coordinates, reviews, all these procedures and resolves them with the best results for the project.

  • Administrative procedures
  • Expertise
  • Warranty claim
  • Other technical – economic reports

Other general services

  • O&M planning: O&M manuals, preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Procedures: Development of procedures and processes in the resolution of incidents. Training of O&M teams.
  • Technical management: Property engineering.
  • Investment plans: Analysis, study and development of the investments to be made during the useful life of the projects.

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