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From Isemaren Energy Solutions we give support in the projects in which batteries are key elements and facilitators of integration of renewable energies in the networks and optimizing the management of the demand.

We dimension the storage systems with optimal batteries in each case considering the most important functional characteristics of the batteries such as the combination of power and capacity, response time, efficiency and costs.

We advise you in any of the phases of a project:


And in any of the financial operations: purchase-sale, financing, refinancing, bond issue, etc.

We offer services related to energy storage, sustainability and climate change.

In addition, we specialise in portfolio generation, standardisation and stabilisation.

We assess and value technically and economically the risks of the project.


Country report:

  • General country information
  • Electrical sector
  • Energy mix
  • Electricity demand
  • Regulatory framework
  • Energy plans
  • Economic and social environment
  • PV market
  • General aspects of the development of a project
  • General technical aspects: environment, climate, hydrology, typical soil characteristics, etc.

Studios of:

  • Basic initial layout
  • Production studio
  • Service
  • Environmental assessment
  • Regulatory framework
  • Investment and expenses: CAPEX and OPEX
  • Revenue analysis


  • Property engineering in project development
  • Assistance in co-development and development contracts
  • Opportunities analysis
  • Obtaining licences, permits and authorisations
  • Study of locations and capacity
  • Risk reports
  • Due diligence techniques
  • Processing engineering
  • Project optimisation
  • Equipment banking reports
  • Studies of solar resources and production
We accompany you in all the steps of processing a project


  • Project design optimisation
  • Specification: EPC and O&M. RFQ (Request For Quotation) and RFP (Request For Proposal)
  • Tender assistance: EPC, O&M and main equipment suppliers
  • Contracts negotiation
  • Property engineering
  • Short list of equipment suppliers
  • Construction supervision
  • Technical contractual advice: guarantees and technical clauses
  • Test protocols and reception of equipment and projects
  • FAT testing
Better qualities


  • Investment director
  • Cause analysis and solution to recurrent failures
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Maintenance audits
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Technical and performance audits
  • Production studios
  • Support in claiming guarantees.
  • Support in replacement of main equipment, technical and administrative point of view
  • Analysis and assessment of technical and economic risks
  • Procedures for the valuation of operating contracts
  • Calculation of the cost of dismantling the installation
Maximum benefit and minimum risk

Other general services

  • Due technical-economic diligence
  • “Deal-breakers” and “red flag” report on asset purchases
  • Empirical studies of plant availability
  • Electronic audits: cause and solution analysis
  • Energy-efficiency studies
  • Equipment reports: bancability
  • Definition of “low-carbon” strategy
  • Technical assistance in the expert reports
  • Risk assessment reports
  • Advice and support in standardisation process
  • Network integration studies
  • Sizing of storage systems and accessory equipment
  • Energy studies
  • Test protocols
  • Supplier qualification
  • Testing and trials. Establishment of test protocols according to standards
  • Supervision during assembly
  • Technical support during the installation phase and during operation
  • Asset optimisation
  • Advice on guarantees and claims for performance
  • Inspection, diagnosis and performance analysis

If you need help, advice or just want to tell us something, please contact us through this form.

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