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In Isemaren we have a very high technical knowledge and not only do we carry out engineering but, if necessary, we have the expertise to be able to carry out assemblies and maintenance, which gives us a broader project vision and help in making decisions.

Feasibility studies

  • Preliminary evaluation of the land.
  • Studies of solar resources and production.
  • Main equipment analysis.
  • LCOE analysis.
  • Initial terrain optimisation.
  • Preliminary layout.

Application for point of connection

  • Completion of form T243.
  • Preparation of the Floor Plan.
  • Single-line scheme according to REE requirements.

Basic and Processing Engineering

  • We refer to the set of plans and documents which contain the main technical specifications of the project which you want to build, which serves to process the permits or licences approving its construction.
  • In basic engineering we establish the planning, the main equipment to be used (modules, inverters, transformers…) and an execution budget which will allow the client to have a more tangible vision of what they intend to execute.
  • Performing basic engineering will then allow the development of detail engineering to be much more fluid since the basic pillars of the project will have been defined.
A more tangible vision of what you intend to execute

Detailed engineering

It serves to be able to execute the project which has been defined in broad strokes with basic engineering. To do this you have to prepare all the plans, measurements and documents which include the entire process of execution from the earthworks and the mechanical assembly of the photovoltaic installation to the electrical connection and the commissioning of the installation where the test protocol and the provisional reception of the plant will be included.

Detailed engineering should allow someone who has not previously seen anything about the project to be able to carry it out completely. Documents which include:

  • General Implementation.
  • Civil works plans (earthworks, fences, ditches, drains, foundations, lands…).
  • Mechanical assembly drawings (type of structure and assembly process).
  • Electrical plans (distribution of branches, single-line diagrams, low- and medium-voltage plans, auxiliary services, etc.).
  • Test Protocol for commissioning and acceptance procedures.
  • Technical specifications of all equipment and systems.
  • Measurements.
  • Operation & maintenance manual.

Property engineering

The property engineering activities include support, management and technical advice to ensure the quality of the installation and the fulfillment of the contractual requirements in quality, price and term in the construction of the installation. Among the activities developed are:

  • General planning of the Project.
  • Edition planning and documentation delivery.
  • Monitoring and supervision of administrative processing.
  • Activation of supplies.
  • Quality control supervision.
  • FAT Testing.
  • Assistance during startup.
  • Economic control of spending.
  • Computerised control of the evolution of the Project.
  • Periodic follow-up reports.
  • Review and validation of the Reception Testing Program.
  • Review and validation of the Plant Maintenance Plan.
A more tangible vision of what you intend to execute

As-Built Plans

A very important part of this kind of engineering is the As-Built plans, that is, the plans which show exactly how the installation was finally built. They must include any modification which has been made regarding detailed engineering since such information will be essential during the operation and maintenance phase of the project.

Bids for EPC offers

These projects are carried out, for EPC companies, with the objective that they can make their best EPC offer to the owners of the future photovoltaic installation.

The document which is delivered is very similar to basic engineering, but with a little more detail, since a detailed BoQ is generated. The main documents which include:

  • BoQ.
  • Optimised Layout.
  • Civil works plans.
  • Electrical plans.
  • Communications plans.
  • Security System plans.
  • Production studio. PVSyst.

If you need help, advice or just want to tell us something, please contact us through this form.

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