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Sustainability and climate change

We advise on fundamental matters in the development of projects such as environmental assessment and we create projects with positive impact, which improve their processing and results. We design and implement measures in line with the major international strategies of low carbon economy, circular economy and  2030 Agenda, creating new values that provide greater profitability.

As experts in carbon footprint, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategies, and corporate social responsibility (CSR), we make it easy for our clients to manage and inform all stakeholders of their commitment to sustainable development.

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Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment has become a critical stage which conditions the development of projects. A correct evaluation from the initial stages improves your profitability.

  • Environmental Impact Studies of plans, programmes and projects.
  • Design of projects and strategies of Positive Environmental Impact.
  • Landscape Studies.
  • Implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMAS, ISO 14001).
  • Environmental monitoring of the project.

We create Positive Environmental Impact projects. From the design phase to the operations phase we advise for the reduction of environmental impact and the creation of new values which improve profitability and increase its contribution to sustainable development.

The environment as a competitive value in the company

Impact measurement

Specialised assistance from data collection to defence in certification audits.

  • Carbon Footprint: calculation of the Carbon footprint of the organisation and product (ISO 14064, ISO 14067; GHG Protocol, PAS 2050, Carbon footprint registration, compensation and carbon dioxide absorption projects-MITECO).
  • Environmental Footprint: calculation of the Environmental Footprint of the organisation and product (HAP methodology of the European Union) through multicriteria analysis of environmental impact with the perspective of the complete life cycle.
  • Water Footprint: Water Footprint Calculation according to international scheme (ISO 14046, Water Footprint Network).
  • Wineries for Climate Protection: Assistance in the specific certification of the wine sector, Wineries for Climate Protectio (WfCP) of the Spanish Wine Federation.
We measure to generate value

Strategies and Reporting

Development of strategies through the analysis and definition of actions which allow compliance with reporting of international initiatives (SDG, PRI, GRI…) and generate new values associated with sustainability.


Responsible Investment (ESG)

Responsible investment is an investment approach which aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate long-term sustainable returns.

Nearly 2,400 global investment managers, dealing with US $86 trillion of assets, have subscribed to the “Principles for Responsible Investment” of the United Nations. These establish three general categories to evaluate investments: environmental, social and government (ESG).

For a more sustainable global financial system

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