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In Isemaren we offer maintenance, repair and technical consulting services regarding electronic production and control equipment in power plants. The objective of our offer seeks to speed up and facilitate the repair and improvement of installed equipment to improve and extend its useful life, minimizing operating costs and improving availability. Our extensive experience in plant repair and management is a guarantee of success for the maintenance of all types of electronic equipment.


    • Control cards
    • Communications cards
    • Power supplies
    • Power stages

When making repairs to the electronic cards of any support, we analyse and determine the optimal solution. For this it is imperative to study:

  • Technology: PCB, SMD/THM, Power devices, control and communications cards.
  • Obsolescence: MTBF/MTTR and life cycle to see if it is feasible to execute a substitution or improvement and for how long they will give their maximum performance.
  • Level of deterioration and difficulty in repair.
  • Possibility of using commercial alternatives, always taking the costs into account.


We determine the optimal solution

Solution development

At Isemaren we have the capacity to develop and manufacture customised hardware solutions.

To achieve this, we work with a rigorous methodology which ensures success and maximum satisfaction:

    1. Problem Analysis.
    2. Assessing possible solutions.
    3. Development of the prototype which solves the shortcomings of the original product.
    4. Solution implementation.
A rigorous methodology

Technical audit

In addition, Isemaren offers an extensive catalogue of complementary services related to hardware solutions.

Technical Hardware Audits in SPS (Solar Photovoltaic Systems):

  • Evaluation of the status and life of the components: Electronic Cards, IGBTs, Capacitors, …
  • Detailed Hardware Analysis for Investors.
  • Study of the network. Harmonics, DHT.

Technical communications audits:

  • Communications testing: Signal/Noise quality measurement, Display of correct waveform.
  • Network architectures evaluation.
  • Advice to solve incidents in communications.

Personal support maintenance:

  • In solutions for inverter failures.
  • In repair of small electronics.
  • In fault diagnosis.

Audit reliability and availability

We are experts in audits of the reliability and availability of equipment and facilities both for the purchase of already-built plants and for clients seeking to optimise the useful life of their properties.

Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) and Medium-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) analysis for preventive/corrective maintenance optimising spare parts forecasting to ensure optimum operation of the plant.

Through our work we managed to determine the real probability of having a photovoltaic plant available with high performance throughout the year.

We work with various simulation models (e.g., Monte Carlo method), which allows us to make precise estimates of different options and thus analyse the possible results of a decision and advise the client on the possible risk and impact which it has.

These simulations allow us to offer a range of possible risks and the likelihood of them occurring depending on the decisions made with fewer trials. It shows and determines the reliability, the minimum impact, the most likely impact and also the maximum for each piece of equipment or component per year.

If you need help, advice or just want to tell us something, please contact us through this form.

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