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We have the knowledge and tools to offer with total guarantee a wide catalogue of software solutions for data monitoring, management and analysis (SCADA, CMMS and BI). We work with open platforms for supervision, control and acquisition of data in real time of the most important elements within the plant. We carry out the configuration of the system and architecture, as well as the evaluation and management of the project.

SCADA solution

In our SCADA supervision division we carry out thorough analyses of our clients’ needs, developing the design and planning of the project, including installation, commissioning and maintenance.

We improve O&M through the implementation of advanced data analytics solutions for agile decision-making, allowing performance levels to be improved both at the plant level, as well as the entire portfolio.

It easily integrates with any Plant Control System (PPC – Power Plant Controller), both from ISEMAREN, and from third parties, and supports worldwide network codes, including functionalities for remedial action schemes (RAS), automatic trigger (ATG) and load (ALG) generation schemes.

  • Compatible with different architectures
  • Connectivity with all types of devices
  • Open architecture capable of working with third-party products
  • It allows you to create synergies with the products and services of other suppliers
Flexible, open and scalable

Functionalities of our SCADA:

  • Monitoring – Constant observation of alarms and events
  • KPI Analysis – Real-time information
  • Process management – Process control and organisation
  • Integration with Power Plant Controller – For different network codes worldwide including remedial action schemes (RAS), automatic trigger (ATG) and load (ALG) generation schemes


  • Online control of the Photovoltaic Solar Plant and the state of the infrastructure.
  • Preventive maintenance which increases availability and optimises O&M costs, reducing LCOE.
  • Own development of dynamic, analytical and applications reports.
Optimise O&M costs

Countries where we have SCADA projects

  • Spain: 22 255MW projects
  • Mexico: 7 814 MW Projects
  • Guatemala: 2 86 MW projects
  • Honduras: 2 45MW Projects
  • United States: 1 20 MW Project
  • El Salvador: 1 10 MW Project
35 SCADAS in 6 countries


SCADA/BI/CMMC. Based on open trading platforms

Standard protocols. Industrial protocols: IEC, Mod Bus, DNP3

Architecture. We adapt to any type of architecture (centralised, on-premise distributed, cloud) and any type of device (desktop, mobile,)


Management software for preventive and corrective maintenance work for the optimum performance of photovoltaic plants.

We are involved in the development, integration and implementation of CMMS (maintenance management software) throughout the process.

BI (Business Intelligence)

We supply applications and tools for the visualisation and analysis of exploitation data for the improvement and optimisation of decisions and performance.

  • Integration with our CMMS and/or SCADA platforms, or with third-party platforms.
  • Automatic and interactive reporting.

Power Plant Control

We offer an analysis, simulation, implementation and testing service applying different network codes worldwide.

We are suppliers of our own PPC for photovoltaic plants. We take care of its implementation from scratch. We are also experts in integration with third-party PPCs. Our extensive experience in the implementation of PPC allows us to work with all types of investors.

The great advantage of our PPCs is that they can be contracted separately or together with our SCADAs. We adapt to any need or requirement.

  • High performance for the plant operator
  • Stability for the network operator
  • Security for project management
Our PPC can be contracted separately or together with our SCADAs

If you need help, advice or just want to tell us something, please contact us through this form.

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