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Isemaren Achieves ISO 55001 Certification

Isemaren achieves ISO 55001 certification

Do you know how important asset management is to Isemaren?

At Isemaren we are convinced that it is a guarantee for the company, its customers and stakeholders that the work we do has the maximum guarantees. Thus, we have obtained a new certification, the ISO 55001 asset management system. In this way we demonstrate with facts that our work reaches the highest levels of demand and quality and allows us to obtain measurable and reliable indicators for the decision-making of asset management under international standards and objectives.
In addition, the implementation of this standard allows us to:
  • Take care of and equip your own assets with everything you need: employees, products, services and investments.
  • Create a Development Strategy with clear, achievable and measurable objectives.
  • Ensure compliance and value of objectives. Report indicators for decision-making at different levels.
  • To promote an ecosystem within the company that allows constant development and continuous improvement.
  • Continuously train our team to enhance their skills and improve knowledge.
  • Implement equal opportunities.
All this translates into the maximum benefit for each client, since we care to accompany each one throughout the process, sharing our know-how, helping them to grow effectively and efficiently, taking care of every detail.
These key points focus on the way we work. Only in this way can we guarantee our customers, society in general, and ourselves, that all the hard work we do on a daily basis has the highest scales of demand.
Congratulations to our companions @rómulo, @carolina @Ariadna, @Helena and @Paloma for your work with @SGS.
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