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Isemaren Advises Tayan Energy Investment In The Development Of 8 Photovoltaic Plants Of 550 MW In Spain, Italy And Portugal

Isemaren advises Tayan Energy Investment in the development of 8 photovoltaic plants of 550 MW in Spain, Italy and Portugal

  • Isemaren acts as property engineering in the development and optimization of the design in order to minimize CAPEX and OPEX and decrease the license period.
  • Isemaren is designing plants with a positive impact from the environmental point of view.
  • The 5 plants in Spain will be developed to the Ready to Build phase.
  • The 3 plants in Italy and Portugal have been acquired from third parties, but will also be developed to the Ready to Build phase, with Isemaren’s advice on the optimization of the design.
Isemaren Energy Solutions advises Tayan Energy Investment in the development of 8 photovoltaic solar plants in Spain, Italy and Portugal with a combined power of more than 550 MW. 5 out of 8 projects are located in Spain: Huesca, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and León. All have a Spanish Electric Network Access Viability Report and work is under way to achieve the Ready to Build phase.
Isemaren, a company specialized in strategic consulting and technical solutions for renewable energies, is supervising the entire process of application and obtaining necessary permits as property engineering, in order to achieve the Ready to Build milestone of the projects in Spain. Likewise, Isemaren assists Tayan Energy in the search for new opportunities and is advising in the acquisition and development of new projects, acting as property engineering in the development optimization of the design to minimize CAPEX and OPEX and reduce the processing time for obtaining licenses.
The 5 photovoltaic solar plant projects located in Spain add up to 203 MW. Two of these developments, Amaterasu Energy 1 and 2, will be carried out in the island of Tenerife, specifically in the municipalities of Granadilla de Abona and Arona respectively. Both plants will add to 80 MW. In Mallorca, within the municipality of Inca, Phoenix Energy project will be developed and will have 51 MW.
Within the Iberian Peninsula there are three plants that Tayan Energy Investment plans to build, two in Spain and one in Portugal. In the municipality of Cubillos del Sil, in Castilla y León, the construction of the Apolo Energy 1 photovoltaic solar plant has begun to be planned, which will have 32 MW of power once finished. The other project in Spanish territory will be carried out in Fraga, in the province of Huesca, reaching 40 MW of power.

Development of a 300 MW photovoltaic plant in Portugal

Undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects being carried out by Isemaren and Tayan Energy Investment is the one that will involve the construction of a 300 MW plant in Portugal, not only because of the great amount of energy that will produce, but because of the number of new photovoltaic facilities that it can bring with it in the neighbouring country.

2 more photovoltaic plants in Italy

Isemaren has also advised Tayan Energy Investment on the purchase of 2 photovoltaic solar plants in Italy, with a combined power of 55 MW. The work carried out has focused on the supervision of the entire process of acquisition of the two plants and also on an audit in which the status of the plants has been evaluated before incorporating them into the Tayan portfolio. The plants are in Tessennano, in the Italian province of Viterbo and have as the project name: Limes 10 and Limes 15.
With the acquisition of these 2 plants and the projects under development Isemaren already adds 550 MW advised and developed for the portfolio of photovoltaic plants of Tayan Energy in Europe. The goal set by Tayan is to invest 500 million euros in Spain, Portugal and Italy over the next few years. This investment will continue to be advised by Isemaren, who will excel not only in its role as a provider of specialized consulting services, but as an expert in technical software and hardware solutions. The goal is to increase its portfolio of photovoltaic projects, focusing on finding new locations for them, managing new developments, performing the engineering work of the property and providing technical solutions.
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