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Isemaren Increased Its SCADA Project Portfolio By 178% During 2019

Isemaren increased its SCADA project portfolio by 178% during 2019

  • 25 photovoltaic plant monitoring and control systems were implemented in 2019
  • Adds 1,087MW in total in 2019
  • The projects were carried out mainly in Spain and Mexico
  • 8 of the 25 projects include a PPC system developed by Isemaren

2019 has been the year of Isemaren’s confirmation as a reference in the development of SCADAS (Monitoring, Control and Data Acquisition Systems) for photovoltaic plants. The good feelings we dragged since 2018 have only improved in 2019 with an increase of a 178%. This outstanding growth in the number of projects during the last means we have reached more than 1GW of power monitored with our SCADA software developments.

Over the past year the number of projects also expanded around the world and we worked in countries across the Atlantic Ocean such as: Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. There have been 12 projects with a total of 949 MW monitored by our SCADA, 8 of them also include a Power Plant Control (PPC) system developed by Isemaren.

Crecimiento SCADA y MW Isemaren

In Spain there have been 13 photovoltaic plants in which we have installed our SCADA, with a total of 138 MW supervised, including EKIAN, the largest solar power park in the Basque Country, developed by KREAN and the Basque Energy Ede, where we also installed our PPC system.

This data confirms that we are on the right track and drive us to continue working on new challenges and evolve our SCADA to meet the needs of the renewable energy market.

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