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Limonetes: SCADA Integration In A 50MW Photovoltaic Solar Plant

Limonetes: SCADA integration in a 50MW photovoltaic solar plant

The project is driven hand-in-hand between Covert Security and Isemaren, involves the design and configuration of the SCADA system in the Los Limonetes photovoltaic plant of 50 megawatts (MW) of installed power. This photovoltaic plant is located in the vicinity of the district of Alvarado in the municipality of Badajoz.

The implementation of a SCADA system within a photovoltaic plant allows real-time monitoring of virtually any data in which you have an interest. One of the advantages we offer when configuring a SCADA system is that it is flexible, open and scalable, allowing us to fully customise according to the needs of each client, so satisfaction is always guaranteed.

The analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Plants by receiving information on the state of the system and prognosis of service requirements ranges from reactive and corrective maintenance to Condition-Based Maintenance.


  • Online control of the Photovoltaic Solar Plant and the state of the infrastructure.
  • Preventive maintenance which increases availability and optimises O&M costs, reducing LCOE.
  • Own development of dynamic, analytical and applications reports.

We improve O&M through the implementation of advanced data analytics solutions for fast and valuable decision-making at the plant or portfolio until reaching the highest level of performance.

In addition, it is integrated with the Power Plant Controller and with worldwide network codes including remedial action schemes (RAS), automatic trigger (ATG) and load (ALG) generation schemes.





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