Constitution of a photovoltaic portfolio

in Spain and Portugal.

DATE: 2019
LOCATION: España y Portugal

  • Technical consultancy for PV investment in Spain (1GW), Italy (1GW) and Portugal (1GW).
  • Technical due diligence for the acquisition of Greenfield and Brownfield project portfolio.
  • Search, evaluation, and support in land acquisition.
  • Evaluation and application for access and connection permits.
  • Support in the management of economic guarantees for grid access.
  • Environmental assessment of photovoltaic projects and their evacuation infrastructure.
  • Drafting of engineering projects for photovoltaic projects and their evacuation infrastructures.
  • Services for obtaining all the necessary permits, licenses, and authorizations to bring the projects to "Ready to Built" status in Spain.
  • Property engineering service: review and supervision of developments carried out by third parties.
  • Technical support in the development of projects in Italy and Portugal for the structuring of the portfolio.

Services applied in the environmental part

  • Preliminary environmental and urban feasibility study
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Synergy Study
  • Response to environmental requirements

Description of the service

Support and continuous advice in the constitution of a portfolio of greenfield photovoltaic projects of 1 GW of power, from the feasibility phase to the management of the assets.