Socio-economic impact plans

Preparation of the socio-economic impact plans.

Socio-economic impact plans for photovoltaic projects awarded in the first renewable energy auction.

DATE: March 2021- March 2022
PLACE: Spain
Initial Strategic Plan, Specific Strategic Plan.

Description of the service

Preparation of the socio-economic impact plans for several photovoltaic projects for a successful bidder of the first renewable energy auction.
These plans include the preparation of the Initial Strategic Plan submitted together with the application for registration in the electronic registry of the renewable energy economic regime in pre-allocation status and the Specific Strategic Plan offered once the photovoltaic installations were specified for the power and energy for which the client was awarded.
Both plans include quantification of job creation, value chain impact, and carbon footprint calculation.

How do we help the client improve?

We help to meet the requirements of the auction call promptly. In other words, we helped to meet the milestones to recover the guarantees proposed by the client to participate in the auction.