Ad hoc hardware

Development of customised hardware to solve system failures of photovoltaic parks where the manufacturer no longer offers support owing to obsolescence.
This entails:
1. Studying the problem in a representative sample
2. Parameterising the extent of the solution with the new development
3. Analysing the improvement offered by the proposal
4. Developing an innovative solution
5. Validating and monitoring the progress of the implementation

New R&D developments

We develop hardware and software products to solve problems found in solar plants.

  • Achieve flexible operating strategies in photovoltaic plants, combining dumping to the gird with flexible PPAs
  • Obtain high reliability in the predicting of plant operating data thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence technology
  • Anticipate anomalies in the generation, either owing to premature deterioration or dirt accumulation, based on the operating data. This enables slashing maintenance costs
  • Boost energy quality and network stability control through the development of algorithms

Test bench developments for repairs:

We develop test benches for repair validation tests of plant equipment. Treating the equipment as a black box, we run bench tests with inputs and outputs so that the equipment runs as if it were in the field. This enables us to validate repairs in a safe environment.
Clients: CYMI, Solaria

Technical audits

Field audits:
1º Auditorias técnicas de Hardware en PSF:

  • Assessment of the state and useful life of components: Electronic cards, IGBTs, condensers, etc.
  • Detailed hardware analysis for investors
  • Study of the network, harmonics, DHT

2. Communications technical audits:

  • Measurement of signal/noise quality, correct waveform display
  • Network architecture assessment
  • Help in solving communications incidents

3. Maintenance support staff:

  • In solutions for inverter failures
  • In repairs of small electronics
  • In fault diagnosis