Engineering Dept.

ISEMAREN's technical expertise means we can guarantee solutions adapted to your needs.
Our engineering department can provide a wide range of detailed studies and project optimisations. We have experience working internationally with clients of differing sizes in renewable energy and ecological transition projects.

Feasibility studies

  • Preliminary site assessment
  • Slope analysis
  • Main equipment analysis
  • Solar resources and production studies
  • LCOE analysis
  • Preliminary layout

Application for point of connection

Drafting of the documentation required by the Spanish electrical grid and the distributors.

Basic engineering and administrative processing

Drafting of administrative projects, complying with the restrictions and specifications applicable to each site.

Availability studies

We do these studies using the Monte Carlo statistical method. They take into account the MTBF of all material (main equipment, wiring, medium voltage equipment, etc.), the different electrical configurations, and operating and maintenance strategies.

Detailed engineering

Drafting of the construction documentation required by the EPC contractor to construct the energy generation facility. These documents include:

  • General equipment implementation
  • Construction details
  • Earthmoving
  • Foundation calculation
  • Drainage studies
  • Technical specifications for the purchase
  • Measurements
  • Specification and design of auxiliary systems (CCTV and monitoring system)

Project optimisations for EPC bids

Optimisation of the layout of the plant to reduce construction costs so that the EPC contractor can submit a more competitive bid.