Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition: Concept used to make computer software that allows you to control and monitor industrial processes remotely.
It provides real-time feedback with field devices and controls the process automatically.

  • We always work with open platforms.
  • Standardized libraries: shortens development time.
  • Others: Atvise, PCVue, Power Studio, Wonderware and WinCC.
  • Standard protocols: ModBus, DNP3 and IEC
  • Regulation: Integration with PPC – Power Plant Controller
  • Ignition 8 / Perspective -> Mobility
  • Cloud: ETL / Datawarehouse
  • SCADA implementation.
  • Central SCADA platform.
  • AGC configuration.

The default platforms for each of the services used by Isemaren are:

  • Operating system: Debian (Linux) –
  • Virtualization: PROXMOX – (Version 5.3-2).
  • Database: PostgreSQL – (Version 9.6).
  • SCADA: IGNITION – (Version 8.0.12).

String-tracker power plant subassembly displays
Customized according to:

  • Architecture of the central inverter/String.
  • Single-line diagrams.
  • Chain design.

Alarm Screens, Synoptic & Communications

  • Historical and real-time.
  • Configurable.
  • Recognition Alarms.
  • Filters (priority, date).


  • Summary of the status of the devices.

Communications monitoring

  • Switches/Routers.
  • Servers.
  • Weather stations.
  • Gateway.
  • PLC and other devices.

Operating modes (depending on the user's rights):

  • Manual / Automatic
  • Local / Remote
  • Integration with PPC ISEMAREN or 3rdParty.


  • Customization: Access to the Historian database (Direct access to the database).
  • Production forecast.
  • Customization of Excel Files.
  • Tables with filters that can be exported in CSV or EXCEL Format.