Power Plant Controller Open-PPC-X1

We are a supplier of our PPC for photovoltaic power plants

Our Power Plant Controller is certified according to the EU 2016/631 standard and is compatible with any inverter model.
We were designed based on the experience of our team in the sector, incorporating all possible improvements analyzed in plants around the world.
We offer analysis, simulation, implementation, and testing services applying different grid codes worldwide.
Modular system based on industrial PLCs fully configurable to adapt to any need or requirement:

  • High performance for the plant operator
  • Stability for the network operator
  • Security for project management
  • Compliance with the strictest cyber security standards.

Key features:

  • PPC certified according to EU 2016/631 and valid for any inverter on the market.
  • SENP and SEPE certification.
  • Predictive control for fast response.
  • Configurable for any grid code.
  • Dynamic regulation tailored to the installation and standards, compatible with all inverters on the market, both string and central inverters.
  • Connection with plant equipment via Modbus TCP protocol.
  • Web or local HMI control and visualization.
  • Simulation models certified in PSS/E and DIgSILENT.
  • Available with an embedded network analyzer or compatible with any external meter.

Advanced functionalities:

  • STATCOM, capacitor bank, and OLTC device management.
  • Energy Management System - EMS functionality for a hybrid system with storage
  • POD - Power swing damping (POD-P and POD-Q)
  • RAP (Automatic Power Reduction) algorithms
  • Voltage protection and generation limits
  • Voltage protection and generation limits for P, Q.
  • Adaptive government control.
  • Ripple controller" functionality
  • Dynamic power reserve available.
  • Configuration interface from HMI and SCADA.

Software PPC

Software PPC

Software PPC